Canden products LLC is a manufacturer of various reach-in temperature and humidity chambers including reach-in environmental chambers, reach-in Insect growth chambers, reach-in stability testing chamber, reach-in stability chambers, environmental chambers, Plant growth chamber, drosophila incubators, Laboratory incubators, laboratory refrigerators, stability refrigerators, Heated and humidified incubators.

We also specialize in also custom reach-in environmental chambers. We can customize our existing chamber model to suit your temperature and humidity requirements and also engineer an entirely new customized chamber per specification. We offer same day free quotes. Please email your request to or call us at 314-556-2281.

Canden products uses thermoelectric technology for maintaining temperature on all of its chamber. Canden products chambers have zero GWP due to its all electric nature. This innovative-green method of cooling by not using environmentally harmful refrigerants contributes to a clean environment. All chambers are manufactured and assembled here in St.louis, Mo-USA

Canden products chambers:

environmental chamber models

Insect growth chamber models

Stability chamber models

Canden stability chamber model


The Canden difference:

Why buy a Canden product?

·      Competitive price

·      Quick delivery time-best in industry

·      No maintenance contracts/less down time—our chamber can be serviced easily by local electricians/technicians of your city.

·      Ease of use–Industry leading Fuji controller


If you are looking for chamber with white interior–This GCW20 model can be modified to meet your specification.

Plant growth chamber with white interior

Reach-in chambers for drosophila rearing

reach-in environmental chambers, drosophila chamber

Canden offers reach-in chambers for Drosophila rearing, Fruit Fly Egg Chambers & Incubators with operating temperature range from 18°c to 32°c(Extended temp upto 60°c for mite cycle available) with optional additive humidification (50% to 90%).Our reach-in drosophila chamber is equipped with a Peltier thermoelectric conditioning unit . All models have a digital Watlow, Fuji or equivalent PID temperature control and display, we use precision PT100 RTD temperature sensor on all of our chambers. Please note that the temperature flexibility in our drosophila and small insect chambers allows our incubators to be used in the rearing of many different types of insects, not just drosophila and mosquitos.

We typically carry the standard single door reach-in drosophila rearing chambers in stock. We are confident in saying that we have the best price in the market for a drosophila rearing chamber (DRS20) with horizontal  LED lights(2 per chamber), ultrasonic humidification with humidity control and programmable light timer.Drosophila and small insect chambers offer a comfortable and controlled environment for breeding, rearing, incubating or experimenting with various insects.

Drosophila chambers are available with and without lighting fixtures. Units with lighting offer Low voltage LED lights that are mounted vertically at the side of plenum, delivering 75-80 μmoles/m2/s of light irradiance measured at 6 inches, with intensity programmable via the grasslin light timer. The unit also quick-connector fitting to accept demineralized water for the maintenance of humidity via humidifier( for chambers with humidity option). Chamber comes with carboy too if water connection is not available.

Controlled Environment inside chamber

Temperature inside the unit can be maintained from 18°c to 32°c ( wider temperature range available) with optional humidity control(50% to 90%), depending  temperature setting. Canden chambers use Fuji controller, the drosophila chamber also allows users to set adjustable high and low temperature limits, with visual indicators programmed to alert staff if conditions are exceeded. 

Creating a high humidity environment helps promote the growth of drosophila, but temperature conditions must also be maintained to ensure optimal growth. To achieve that goal, each chamber includes 2-peltier units that ensures temperature control inside the chamber. We double up on peltier units to ensure that the chamber never fails to maintain temperature incase one of the unit fails. This redudancy makes the unit reliable.

The temperature conditioning unit and the humidifier are mounted on top of the unit and are easy to clean and maintain. Air is circulated inside with 10″ fans. A dedicated plenum shields the temperature control unit from contamination. Canden chambers comes with lifetime warranty on controllers.


Environmental Chambers/Laboratory Incubators

environmental chamber models

Canden offers many different incubator/environmental chambers to suit a variety of applications. With our chilling/heating incubators capable of operating across a temperature range of 0°c to 70°C, with optional humidified chambers capable of reaching 90% RH, we can provide chambers for applications ranging from BOD studies, to zebrafish research, to ninhydrin acceleration and more.

Stability refrigerators/Laboratory refrigerators

2 door stability refrigerator 5°c

  • Canden offers reach-in stability refrigerators with a temperature set point of 5°c (±3°c) and a temperature range of 2°c to 30°c specifically designed for GMP studies. However, this chamber is used in wide range of industries. All chamber model are equipped with Fuji/Watlow or equivalent PID temperature controller,3 wire Platinum ohm RTD. All sensors are NIST Traceable and we provide supporting documents. The stability refrigerator models can be used for stability storage and other applications.

Bench-top chambers

Canden offers 3 cu.ft bench-top chamber with temperature ranging from 0°c to 50°c. This is ideal for use as growth chambers.

Bench top Insect rearing chamber, bench top environmental chamber

Canden Benchtop environmental chambers are designed to save laboratory workspace without sacrificing the quality of equipment.

Canden Benchtop Temperature Test Chambers allows ideal temperature tests for research, development and quality control in limited laboratory spaces.

IRC3– Canden benctop model for insect growth chamber. This benchtop model has Temperature, humidity control and light control.

DRS3- Canden benchtop model designed for drosophila / fruit fly incubation/ growth chamber

HC3– Canden Environmental test chamber- benchtop model/ small size chamber with wide temperature and humidity range suitable for wide variety of application

GC3– Canden benchtop plant growth chamber suitable for tissue culture, seed germination, small plant reserach. This benchtop model has wide temperature and humidity control along with light control.

Stability testing chamber

Canden offers stability testing, lab refrigerator chambers with temperature set points including 25°c/30°c/40°c and corresponding relative humidity set points including 60%/65% and 75%RH. Please check out our stability chambers.

what are stability chambers?

Stability chambers are laboratory equipment used to simulate stable temperature and humidity controlled conditions for product testing and storage purposes. They can come in many sizes from small, bench top reach-in units.

The ICH guidelines are very specific and require precise temperature stability of the chamber with less than 2 or 3°C deviation. Humidity conditions must also not fluctuate by more than 5%.The working of a stability chamber is based on a simple principle which is that by maintaining a stable temperature, stable value of relative humidity will also be maintained. Relative humidity is the ratio of how much water the air has and how much it could potentially hold.A test chamber is a managed and controlled environment used to test the endurance, stability, and practicality of equipment, products, and chemicals. It is a controlled enclosure that mimics the effects of environmental conditions a product may encounter during its usage.

reach-in stability testing chambers, reach-in environmental chambers

Insect and Plant growth chamber

Canden offers Diurnal growth chamber, insect incubator with temperature range of 2°c to 50°c with optional relative humidity range of 50% to 90%RHCanden products Drosophila and small insect chambers offer a comfortable and controlled environment for breeding, rearing, incubating and experimenting with various types of insects. Species that are commonly raised in our insect growth chambers include Drosophila melanogaster (the common fruit fly), mosquitos, and sand flies. We offer a variety of sizes, from a bench top incubator model to single door, two door model and a full-length glass door insect rearing chamber.


We understand that different insect species, and research with them, requires differing levels of temperature/lighting/humidity control therefore please take the specification sheet on our website as a base model and you can add endless options. Our sales and engineering team will work with you to design the chamber with the right accessories you need.

What are insect growth chamber?

Insect growth chambers, or insect rearing chambers, are specialized laboratory chambers used to provide optimal conditions for insect growth to be used in studies such as mosquito or Drosophila research.
Growth chambers allow researchers to control the environmental conditions when studying plants. Researchers, biologist, and other professionals can control humidity, temperature, light, and other factors. Growing chambers help plant pathologists fight disease and geneticists develop sturdier food crops.
what are plant growth chambers?

A plant growth chamber is a highly sought-after technology in the field of plant biology.Plant growth chambers create the precise environmental conditions for optimal and healthy growth. Scientists and commercial growers take great interest in this controlled environment as it facilitates better research and growth practices. A plant growth chamber offers flexibility in recreating specific growing conditions, such as humidity, temperature, lighting, atmospheric composition, and other parameters. It provides a sustainable, upgraded, and reproducible environment that allows researchers to initiate and control plant growth and physiology precisely. Most growth chambers are incorporated with sensors that keep track of variables such as CO2 levels, soil moisture and nutrient content, and light intensity. With their vast applicability in agriculture, horticulture, and plant biology, plant growth chambers are gaining popularity, as they create a homogeneous and reproducible environment that allows for more accurate and reliable plant studies.Applications

Plant growth chambers are widely used in research field to study crop productivity. Plant related agriculture research and development are the prime applications of these units; plant breeding, plant nutrition, photosynthesis are some of areas where plant growth chambers play an important role. Plant categories may vary such as cereal, arabidopsis, algae, tobacco, physcomitrella, fungi, medicago, weeds, soybeans, potatoes and other commercial crops and horticulture plants etc.


 plant growth chamber with light control

Fuji Controller Spec.sheet
Watlow controller app spec.sheet
Light timer spec.sheet
Crated chamber ready to ship

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