Canden products LLC is a manufacturer of various reach-in products including Insect growth chambers, stability testing chamber, stability chambers, environmental chambers, Plant growth chamber, drosophila incubators, Laboratory incubators, laboratory refrigerators, stability refrigerators, Laboratory freezers, Heated and humidified incubators, Laboratory freeze thaw chambers.

We also specialize in custom chamber manufacturing. We can customize our existing chamber to suit your temperature and humidity requirements and also engineer an entirely new customized chamber per specification. We offer same day free quotes. Please email your request to or call us at 314-395-2095.


Canden products uses thermoelectric technology for maintaining temperature on all of its chamber. Canden products chambers have zero GWP due to its all electric nature. This innovative-green method of cooling by not using environmentally harmful refrigerants contributes to a clean environment. All chambers are manufactured and assembled here in St.louis, Mo-USA


Reach-in chambers for drosophila rearing


Canden offers reach-in chambers for Drosophila rearing, Fruit Fly Egg Chambers & Incubators with operating temperature range from 18°c to 32°c(Extended temp upto 60°c for mite cycle available) with optional additive humidification.Our reach-in drosophila chamber is equipped with a Peltier thermoelectric conditioning unit . All models have a digital Watlow, Fuji or equivalent PID temperature control and display, we use precision PT100 RTD temperature sensor on all of our chambers. Please note that the temperature flexibility in our drosophila and small insect chambers allows our incubators to be used in the rearing of many different types of insects, not just drosophila and mosquitos.

We typically carry the standard single door reach-in drosophila rearing chambers in stock. We are confident in saying that we have the best price in the market for a drosophila rearing chamber (DRS20) with horizontal  LED lights(2 per chamber), ultrasonic humidification with humidity control and programmable light timer.


Environmental Chambers/Laboratory Incubators

reach-in laboratory incubator

Canden offers many different incubator/environmental chambers to suit a variety of applications. With our chilling/heating incubators capable of operating across a temperature range of 2°c to 50°C,with optional humidified incubators capable of reaching 90% RH, we can provide chambers for applications ranging from BOD studies, to zebrafish research, to ninhydrin acceleration and more.

Stability refrigerators/Laboratory refrigerators

2 door stability reach-in chamber

  • Canden offers reach-in stability refrigerators with a temperature set point of 5°c (±3°c) and a temperature range of 2°c to 30°c specifically designed for GMP studies. However, this chamber is used in wide range of industries. All chamber model are equipped with Fuji/Watlow or equivalent PID temperature controller,3 wire Platinum ohm RTD. All sensors are NIST Traceable and we provide supporting documents. The stability refrigerator models can be used for stability storage and other applications. Please check out the Canden laboratory/stability refrigerators, scientific fridges and freezers.

Bench-top chambers

Canden offers 3 cu.ft bench-top chamber with temperature ranging from 0°c to 50°c. This is ideal for use as growth chambers.

3 cu.ft bench-top chamber

These chambers are typically available in stock and ships within 2 days of purchase after testing(unless custom modification is involved).

Stability testing chamber

Canden offers stability testing, lab refrigerator chambers with temperature set points including 25°c/30°c/40°c and corresponding relative humidity set points including 60%/65% and 75%RH. Please check out our one door and two door models.

reach-in stability testing chambers

Insect and Plant growth chamber

Canden offers Insect growth chamber, insect incubator with temperature range of 10°c to 40°c with optional relative humidity range of 50% to 80%RH. Canden products Drosophila and small insect chambers offer a comfortable and controlled environment for breeding, rearing, incubating and experimenting with various types of insects. Species that are commonly raised in our insect growth chambers include Drosophila melanogaster (the common fruit fly), mosquitos, and sand flies. We offer a variety of sizes, from a bench top incubator model to single door, two door model and a full-length glass door insect rearing chamber.


We understand that different insect species, and research with them, requires differing levels of temperature/lighting/humidity control therefore please take the specification sheet on our website as a base model and you can add endless options. Our sales and engineering team will work with you to design the chamber with the right accessories you need.

2 door reach-in insect rearing chamber

Fuji Controller Spec.sheet
Watlow controller app spec.sheet
Light timer spec.sheet
ATEC controller

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