3 cu.ft benchtop environmental test chamber/environmental testing chamber/temperature control chamber

HC3- Benchtop Environmental test chamber

3 cu.ft Benchtop environmental test chamber/environmental chamber/lab incubator/lab refrigerator/benchtop temperature control chamber

Fuji Controller spec.sheet.pdf
Watlow Controller Spec.Sheet pdf

HC3- 3 cu.ft Benchtop Environmental chamber/ Temperature control chamber

This is a 3 cu.ft benchtop environmental test chamber which can be used as environmental testing chamber, laboratory incubator/ refrigerator or a general purpose temperature control chamber. This temperature control chamber can be used in wide variety of applications including laboratory/Lab refrigerator because of its ability to  perform in wide temperature range(0°c to 50°c) with precise temperature control over the entire range. This chamber can also be used as a refrigerators for storage of products. The heating/chilling incubator can be used in wide range of application including;

  • Protein crystal growth
  • Enzyme reactions and deactivations
  • Ligations
  • Incubating marine cultures below ambient
  • Culture growth above, below or at ambient
  • Storing DNA libraries

The HC3 benchtop environmental testing chamber has standard-optional humidity range of ambient to 90%. Humidity set point is achieved via additive ultrasonic humidification method.


HC3 Lab refrigerator/temperature control chamber construction features a unique double shell-filled with commercial-grade polyurethane material for optimal insulation. Inlaid sealing ring and nylon latch for enhanced seal/performance. The chamber is made out of LLPDE material shell.

The temperature control chamber is designed to be used as a refrigerator for laboratory, incubator, environmental testing chamber and also as refrigerators for storage, comes with 12 molded slots. We provide 2 wire shelves with each chamber. Additional shelves are available for purchase. Shelves can support up to 25lbs distributed load. The Chamber comes with 2 hidden molded handles that enables users to move the chamber with ease. The chamber is also stackable without additional parts.

Chamber uses thermoelectric assembly for heating and cooling. This type of cooling/heating system completely eliminates need for conventional refrigeration system and failures due to mechanical components such as compressors thereby drastically increasing the life expectancy of each chamber. Maintenance cost is also lowered by the thermoelectric/Peltier driven heating/cooling system. The chamber is quiet (less than 55dba) while in operation. Chamber temperature set points are tightly controlled using PID controller and a 3 wire RTD sensor.

Standard Temperature control features:

  • Simplifies Controller Management with Easy-to-Operate Graphic User Interface,LED display, Autotune capability
  • Provides Access to Advanced Scripting Capabilities
  • Save Controller Parameters
  • Access Stored Parameters
  • Log Controller Data
  • Control access via software
  • 2 programmable alarm
  • IP-65 Panel (front panel splash proof)
  • CRC protocol correction build in for error free communication
  • Visually interpret thermal data
  • Set multiple target temperatures and program steps for advanced applications like thermal cycling
  • Save and load script parameters from stored files on your disk drive
  • Multiple jumps and loops function for complex testing profile.
  • *Note: We offer 2 controller models- Not all features may be available in one controller- Please refer to controller spec.sheet
Standard Humidity control features:             
    •  Humidity control features
      • Ultrasonic humidification- this method of humidification eliminates hotspots inside chamber and provides uniform relative humidity setup
      • Microprocessor based humidity control. Tight control up to 0.5% available and humidity uniformity of 3%.
      • Standard controller features LED display of SV/PV and provides tight control of relative humidity.
      • Programmable alarm features via controller.
      • Humidifier and humidity controller is integrated with various safety features designed.
    • 3% accuracy over the entire input range
    • Displays both the set point and actual relative humidity
    • On/off controller is  standard. if you need PID controller with tighter control up to 1% RH- please contact us.
    • A fast response, capacitive relative humidity sensor is included. It has high accuracy, high reliability, consistency
    • Dual alarm outputs with 10+ activation methods/situation
    • High brightness, large LED display – easily read from distance
DRS3 Bench top incubator

Temperature range

0°C to 50°C

Temperature uniformity

± 0.7°C

Temperature control at sensor


Humidity Range

ambient to 90% at  operating temperatures of 15°c to 28°c

Cooling/Heating type

Thermoelectric/Peltier driven-for heating/Cooling

Chamber Volume in Cu. Ft

3 cu.ft

External Dimension-LXWXH

27″ x 22″ x 23.5″

Internal Dimension-LXWXH

21″ x 13.5″ x 20″

Cabinet specs

Durable-Polyethylene construction with CFC Free polyurethane insulation. NSF approved.



Electrical requirement

115V/60hz/1ph/5a, Unit plugs into standard wall outlet.

Shelf quantity, type

2 per chamber/ additional shelves available, wire shelf- PVC coated or stainless steel.

Weight specs

Chamber weight- 35lbs

Shipping weight- 50lbs