Insect growth chamber models

Insect growth chamber, Insect rearing chambers, Insect incubator, mosquito growth chamber- Temperature and humidity controlled Reach-in chambers

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Insect rearing chamber:


Canden offers insect rearing/ Insect growth chamber that are specifically designed to grow and conduct research on different types of insects like Fruit fly (drosophila melanogaster), Insect incubator for mosquito growth.  The various insect rearing chambers manufactured by Canden products is used by scientists, researchers in raising insects, fruit fly, mosquitoes and various other insects.The Insect growth chamber is equipped with PID controller capable of maintaining tight control over the entire temperature range. All our Chamber features standard safety features like high and low temperature and humidity alarm, high temp cut off switch, alarm notification at controller.  The microprocessor based PID controller displays both process value and set value- enabling users to keep tabs on real time chamber process and set point. All units have 2-3 thermoelectric units to make sure precision temperature control inside the chamber. The TE units have optional Phenolic coating to make it corrosion resistant

All of Canden Insect growth reach-in chambers are capable of performing the following functions,

1. Heating and cooling incubators with temperature range from ( 2°c to 60°c)

2. Heated incubators with temperature range of 30°c to 60°c

3. Humidified incubators with temperature range of 10°c to 40°C and humidity range of  50% to 90% at certain operating dew points.

We have narrowed down that most of the standard insect rearing incubator operates in temperature range between 10°c to 40°c therefore we have published this temperature range as standard on all our insect growth models. If your research needs more wider range please let our sales associates know and we can widen the range of the chamber.

Canden insect incubator, growth chambers and drosophila incubators, mosquito growth chamber uses high performance thermoelectric coolers which enables the incubator to maintain set points with relative ease. The control system includes a unique electronic board and reliable solid state relays which enables bidirectional control over the thermoelectric system. This system is easier to replace and maintain.

Canden insect rearing/ insect growth chambers, insect incubator models have an optional additive humidity. Humidification is done via ultrasonic humidifier and a controller that displays both process and set value. Our top sellers include our one door growth chamber and two door growth chamber models(IRC20 & IRC 40). Canden also offers Bench-top insect growth chambers that can be stacked without any additional parts. The bench-top model is very popular among university research groups where space constraints exists .The easy stackable nature of chamber is very unique and useful.

Insect Rearing Chamber Specs:

Temperature: 10°c to 40°c

Relative Humidity: 50% to 90%RH 

Cabinet construction(20,40,60,GDM series):

Standard feature include:

  • Top Mount thermoelectric and control system for ease of use and service
  • Premium Stainless Steel Exterior & Interior which enables easier cleaning and maintenance
  • LED interior lights
  • Recessed Door Handles
  • Door locks
  • Magnetic door gaskets standard for positive door seal
  • Pre-Installed casters
  • Three (3) Pre-Installed shelves per section
  • Back wall plenum to ensure uniform distribution of conditioned air

Insect Rearing Chamber Standard Temperature Control Features:

  • Control via app ( model with watlow controller)
  • Simplifies Controller Management with Easy-to-Operate Graphic User Interface,LED display, Autotune capability
  • Provides Access to Advanced Scripting Capabilities
  • Save Controller Parameters
  • Access Stored Parameters
  • Log Controller Data
  • Control access via software
  • 2 programmable alarm
  • IP-65 Panel (front panel splash proof)
  • CRC protocol correction build in for error free communication
  • Visually interpret thermal data
  • Set multiple target temperatures and program steps for advanced applications like thermal cycling
  • Save and load script parameters from stored files on your disk drive
  • Multiple jumps and loops function for complex testing profile
  • *Note: We offer 2 controller models- Not all features may be available in one controller- Please specify your controller requirements to sales associate.
Humidity control features
  • Ultrasonic humidification- this method of humidification eliminates hotspots inside chamber and provides uniform relative humidity setup
  • Microprocessor based humidity control. Tight control up to 0.5% available and humidity uniformity of 3%.
  • Standard controller features LED display of SV/PV and provides tight control of relative humidity.
  • Programmable alarm features via controller.
  • Humidifier and humidity controller is integrated with various safety features designed.
Options and Accessories:
Canden reach-in our chambers can be fitted with many different options. We are able to customize the chamber to fit your research and manufacturing needs. Please let our sales associates know of your optional needs and we can accommodate.



3 cu.ft bench top growth chamber



one door growth chamber



two door insect growth chamber



glass door insect rearing chamber