Reach-in stability refrigerator

KTS40- Stability Refrigerator

Reach-in stability refrigerator/Laboratory refrigerator

Fuji Controller spec.sheet.pdf
Watlow controller App Spec.Sheet pdf

KTS40- Two door stability refrigerator


This large reach-in stability refrigerator is capable of performing in wide temperature range(2°c to 8°c) with precise temperature control over the entire range.  The KTS40 Reach-in stability refrigerator is used in wide range of application in various industries from pharmaceutical cold storage to aviation.

The reach-in stability refrigerator/ Laboratory refrigerator comes standard with temperature range capabilities of 2° C to 8° C with control of temperature at sensor of ±0.2° C and uniformity inside chamber of ±1.0° C. With optional extended temperature up to 40°c.

This chamber has good level of performance, and precise temperature control and uniformity, they are perfect for many medical cold storage needs.

KTS40 Reach-in stability refrigerator has standard back wall plenum to ensure uniform distribution of conditioned air. Also standard is a 2″ access port with insulated plug. We use a non proprietary controller which  display set value and process value.

Chamber features all stainless steel interior and exterior construction with 2″ polyurethane CFC free insulation.

Cabinet standard features

  • Stainless Steel Exterior & Interior
  • Maintains temperatures between 2°c to 8°c
  • LED interior light with diurnal timer
  • Recessed Door Handle
  • Door locks standard
  • Magnetic door gasket standard for positive door seal
  • Pre-Installed 4″casters with bumper brakes
  • 2″ access port
  • Three (3) Pre-Installed shelves per section-6 total.
  • Back wall plenum for even distribution of conditioned air

Chamber uses thermoelectric assembly for heating and cooling. This type of cooling/heating system completely eliminates need for conventional refrigeration system and failures due to mechanical components such as compressors thereby drastically increasing the life expectancy of each chamber. Maintenance cost is also lowered by the thermoelectric/Peltier driven heating/cooling system. The chamber is quiet  while in operation. Chamber temperature set points are tightly controlled using PID controller,3 wire Platinum ohm RTD. All sensors are NIST Traceable and we provide supporting documents.

Temperature control features:

  • Control/Alarm via app ( Watlow model)
  • Simplifies Controller Management with Easy-to-Operate Graphic User Interface,LED display, Autotune capability
  • Provides Access to Advanced Scripting Capabilities
  • Save Controller Parameters
  • Access Stored Parameters
  • Log Controller Data
  • Control access via software
  • 2 programmable alarm
  • IP-65 Panel (front panel splash proof)
  • CRC protocol correction build in for error free communication
  • Visually interpret thermal data
  • Set multiple target temperatures and program steps for advanced applications like thermal cycling
  • Save and load script parameters from stored files on your disk drive
  • Multiple jumps and loops function for complex testing profile
  • *Note: We offer 2 controller models- Not all features may be available in one controller- Please refer to controller spec.sheet.
Reach-in Stability refrigerator

Temperature range

2°C to 8°C

Temperature uniformity

± 1°C

Temperature control at sensor


Control resolution


Cooling/Heating type

Thermoelectric/Peltier driven-for heating/Cooling

Chamber Volume in Cu. Ft

43.2 cu.ft

External Dimension-LXWXH

51″×31″×81″ (refer to drawing)

Internal Dimension-LXWXH

47″ x 27″ x 60″(refer to drawing)- height includes plenum which is 5″H.

Cabinet specs

Stainless interior and exterior construction



Electrical requirement

115V/60hz/1ph, Unit plugs into standard wall outlet.

Shelf quantity, type

6 per chamber/ additional shelves available, wire shelf- PVC coated 

Weight specs

Chamber weight-340 Llbs

Shipping weight- 390 Lbs

Note: Final finished product(chambers) may vary due to different options than what is shown in pictures. Canden products company reserves right to make changes without notice.