Q20 One door Reach-in Stability chamber/Single door model

Q20-The One door Reach-in stability chamber / stability testing chamber is capable of maintaining stable temperature  and humidity set points with exceptional precision. This One door Reach-in stability chamber meets ICH guidelines and is used in various pharmaceutical industry for various purpose including-stability storage, stability testing and other uses. This one door Reach-in stability chamber/ stability testing chamber has a wide operating temperature range of 18°c to 50°c and relative humidity range of 50% to 90% (as limited by dew pointes mentioned in specification sheet) maintaining a stable temperature and relative humidity across the entire range. This Canden environmental stability chamber provides outstanding stability testing performance for manufacturers of pharmaceutical industry, biologics, food, and personal care products. Canden stability chambers’ performance meets ICH Q1A general case guidelines for pharmaceutical industry stability testing, accelerated shelf life study and in a wide variety of industries/applications.Canden StableClimate stability chambers and cabinets with Temperature and/or Humidity are used for ICH Q1A testing, shelf life, package testing, accelerated aging.

Uses of stability chamber?

In the pharmaceutical industry, stability testing helps provide evidence as to how the quality of a drug will vary with time under a variety of environmental conditions including temperature, humidity, and light exposure.

To test the quality of the product under specific temperatures and humidities, a batch of the product of interest is placed in a stability chamber that has controlled temperature and humidity for a specified amount of time. Samples are checked periodically for quality analysis. Because stability testing takes place over time spans ranging from one week, to six months, to one year or more, the stability chambers used need to be reliable and consistent.

Chamber is reliable and consistent because it is designed with horizontal airflow for uniform sample exposure which ensures accurate temperature and humidity control. Chamber features standard PT100 precision RTD temperature sensor, Rotronic humidity probe and Fuji Controller.All sensors are NIST Traceable and we provide supporting documents.

Canden stability testing chamber/temperature and humidity chamber is equipped with several standard safety features including efficient thermoelectric coolers/heaters which operate in low voltage, ultrasonic humidification, High and low temp/humidity alarms, high temperature cut off switch, alarm notification at controller etc. Q series stability chambers exceed the performance requirements of FDA and ICH. The ultrasonic humidification methods provides tight humidity control and this will prove essential during mapping studies. Also all our Q20 stability chambers have 2 thermoelectric coolers/heaters which means if one of the coolers/heaters fail the other one will ensure there is no downtime in your research. This redundant style dual cooling/heating system ensures longevity of the chamber as well.


Chamber uses thermoelectric assembly for heating and cooling. This type of cooling/heating system completely eliminates need for conventional refrigeration system and failures due to mechanical components such as compressors thereby drastically increasing the life expectancy of each chamber. Maintenance cost is also lowered by the thermoelectric/Peltier driven heating/cooling system. The chamber is quiet while in operation. Chamber temperature set points are tightly controlled using PID controller. Relative humidity set points are achieved via ultrasonic humidification, small desiccant dehumidifier

Why choose Canden products? Here are your reasons

1. All Stainless steel construction of chamber, precise temperature and humidity control along with UL listed parts.

2. In built water supply carboy and dessicant dryer with compressed air( in case building water supply and compressed air is not available). Your chamber comes with every utility needed for chamber operation– all you have to do is plug the chamber into standard power outlet and use.

3. Exceptional warranty and reliability of chamber.Life time warranty on controller.

4. We are committed to your success by providing quality service in a timely manner.

Fuji Controller spec.sheet.pdf
Watlow controller app spec.sheet

Reach-in stability chamber, Stability testing chamber, ICH Stability chamber

Temperature range

18°C to 50°C (Extended temp up to 70°C available)

Temperature /%RH uniformity

± 1°C/  2% RH

Temperature/%RH control at sensor

±0.2°C /  0.2% RH

Humidity range

50% to 90% at operating temperatures of 15°c to 40°c as limited by dew points/ambient condition.

Control resolution


Cooling/Heating type

Thermoelectric/Peltier driven-for heating/Cooling

Chamber Volume in Cu. Ft

21.4 cu.ft

External Dimension-LXWXH

28″×31″×81″ (refer to drawing)

Internal Dimension-LXWXH

24″ x 27″ x 60″(refer to drawing)- height includes plenum which is 5″H.

Cabinet specs

Stainless interior and exterior construction



Electrical requirement

115V/60hz/1ph, Unit plugs into standard wall outlet.

Shelf quantity, type

3 per chamber/ additional shelves available, wire shelf- PVC coated 

Weight specs

Chamber weight-210 Llbs

Shipping weight- 254 Lbs