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Plant Growth chambers:

Canden offers plant growth chamber that are specifically designed to grow and conduct research on different types of plants/seeds used for research applications and has lighting for vascular plants to facilitate standard plant production, plant pathology research, and seed germination and development. The plant growth Chamber is equipped with PID controller capable of maintaining tight control over the entire temperature range. The controller displays both process value and set value- enabling users to keep tabs on real time chamber process and set point.

What are plant growth chambers?

Plant growth chambers are special type of environmental test chambers which are designed to perform plant growth experiments inside laboratory. The aim of a plant growth chamber is to create such atmospheric conditions responsible for effective plant germination and growth. In such chambers or cabinets, humidity, temperature and lights are controlled in such a way that the user can create desired environment essential for examining growth of a particular plant.


Plant growth chambers are widely used in research field to study crop productivity. Plant related agriculture research and development are the prime applications of these units; plant breeding, plant nutrition, photosynthesis are some of areas where plant growth chambers play an important role. Plant categories may vary such as cereal, arabidopsis, algae, tobacco, physcomitrella, fungi, medicago, weeds, soybeans, potatoes and other commercial crops and horticulture plants etc.

Plant tissue culture chamber:

Canden models GC20,GC40 & GC3 are plant tissue culture chamber designed for micropropagating Arabidopsis thaliana or other species from plant tissue cultures in tightly controlled temperature and lighting conditions. This plant growth chamber has wire shelves with light banks, with low velocity conditioned air delivered uniformly under each shelf from a perforated vertical plenum running down the rear wall of the chamber . The perforated air plenum ensures that very tight temperature uniformity can be achieved throughout the chamber at different temperatures.

There are 4 led lights over each shelf to deliver light intensities from 0-370 micromoles. The lights on each bank can be controlled by separate dimmers(optional), allowing for a large amount of flexibility in lighting within the chamber. The GC model has a wide temperature range from 10°c to 40°c. This temperature flexibility helps support the growth of plant tissue cultures in many different experimental setups.



Excellent temperature stability Unparalleled light efficiency
High quality fluorescent lamps Automatic microprocessor controls
Insulated panels Stainless steel inner and outer construction
High and low limit temperature protection Printer and temperature chart recorder(Optional)
LED/LCD Bright display of SV/PV  Adjustable shelving arrangement
Uniform air flow inside chamber Provision to connect with PC
User programmable alarm settings Humidity up to 90%(extended humidity range)

Canden Reach-in Plant growth incubators, growth chambers and uses high performance thermoelectric coolers which enables the incubator to maintain set points with relative ease. The control system includes a unique electronic board which enables bidirectional control over the thermoelectric system. This system is easier to replace and maintain.

The Reach-in plant growth incubator/ chambers have an optional additive humidity. Humidification is done via ultrasonic humidifier and a controller that displays both process and set value. The GC20 and GC40 have 3 levels of lighting per door/per section.


Agriculture Industries Crop Motivation Crop Genetic Engineering
Plant Breeding Micro Biology Photosynthesis
Bio Chemistry Genetic Research Biological Studies
Arabidopsis Entomology Research Tissue Culture

Chamber specs:

Temperature: 10°c to 40°c (Lights on), Low temp version- 10°c to 40°c ( Lights off). Extended temperature upto 70°c available.

Relative Humidity: 20% to 80%RH ( Additive humidification only between temp range of 16°c to 30°c only)– dehumidification option available for wider humidity  range and tighter humidity control.

Cabinet construction(20,40,60,GDM series):

Standard feature include:

  • Top Mount thermoelectric and control system for ease of use and service
  • Premium Stainless Steel Exterior & Interior which enables easier cleaning and maintenance
  • LED interior lights
  • Recessed Door Handles
  • Door locks
  • Magnetic door gaskets standard for positive door seal
  • Pre-Installed casters
  • Three (3) Pre-Installed shelves per section
  • Back wall plenum to ensure uniform distribution of conditioned air

Standard Temperature control features:

  • programmable alarm
  • Displays PV/SV
  • LED Display , easy to read
  • PID Control
  • 1°c uniformity
  • 0.2°c control at sensor
  • High/Low temp alarms

Standard Humidity control features:             

    •  3% accuracy over the entire input range
    • Displays both the set point and actual relative humidity
    • A fast response, capacitive relative humidity sensor is included. It has high accuracy, high reliability, consistency
    • Dual alarm outputs with 10+ activation methods/situation
    • High brightness, large LED display – easily read from distance



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